EnviroChemie Group, a leading German industrial water technology and solution provider, acquires Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung

EnviroChemie Group expands its market presence and competence in process water treatment in the pharmaceutical industry by acquiring Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung GmbH, a leading German provider of process water treatment plants for the pharmaceutical sector.

EnviroChemie Group, which is a part of SKion Water, has been pursuing the strategic goal of developing the growth market of water and wastewater technology for the pharmaceutical industry for many years. Many well‐known pharma companies around the world trust EnviroChemie Group’s solutions and experiences. With this acquisition, EnviroChemie Group is further strengthening its position as a leading provider of complete solutions in the field of ultrapure water and wastewater technology in the pharmaceutical industry. In this industry, EnviroChemie Group provides solutions for wastewater treatment including the elimination of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and infectious substances. In addition, EnviroChemie Group offers process water treatment solutions such as ultrapure water and water for injection (WFI).

EnviroFALK GmbH, the company within EnviroChemie Group, that provides solutions for process water technologies and services will take over 100% of the shares of Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung GmbH.

Based in Hückeswagen, Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung GmbH, provides consulting, design & engineering as well as manufacturing and maintenance services with a focus on water for injection for the pharmaceutical industry. Letzner supplies customized and modular solutions with different qualities, components and technologies as required by the customers’ needs and demands, the regulatory guidelines and the specifications of the feed water. Purified water, water for injection and pure steam are all produced in Letzner plants that comply with all relevant international standards and regulations.

Thomas Rücker, Managing Director of Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung, said: “We are pleased to become part of a strong group with vast experience in industrial water and wastewater treatment. As part of the EnviroChemie Group, we are now able to access its international network of sales and service locations and further expand our customer base and increase our competitiveness. In addition, being part of EnviroChemie Group gives us the opportunity to expand our portfolio of products and services and also to offer our pharmaceutical customers complete solutions for process, ultrapure and wastewater treatment".

“All companies within EnviroChemie Group will benefit from this transaction”, says Peter Leyendecker, CEO of EnviroFALK. “The range of services offered by Letzner complements EnviroChemie Group’s existing solutions. We are very pleased that our existing expert know-how, will be significantly expanded by the distinct competence of the Letzner team in the pharmaceutical sector".

Dr. Jörg Krause, Managing Director of EnviroChemie Group, said: “The acquisition of Letzner is a further step to strengthen our engagement in process water treatment and the pharmaceutical market. We explicitly welcome Thomas Rücker and his team and look forward to excellent teamwork together with EnviroChemie Group. In addition, other SKion Water portfolio companies can provide additional market access for Letzner’s technology worldwide.”

About EnviroChemie Group

EnviroChemie Group, which is part of SKion Water, is a solution provider for tailored water and wastewater treatment plants and comprehensive services like plant maintenance, water treatment chemicals, ion exchange, resin regeneration, plant operations, digital services and contracting models. It has established an excellent reputation for reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions in the water and wastewater treatment sector, developing and implementing both standardized and modular customized on‐site treatment solutions.
EnviroChemie Group serves customers in the industrial and commercial sector such as pharma & life science, automotive, transportation, chemicals, dairy, food & beverage, metals, mining, pool, spas and textiles.

Founded: 1976
Team: 800 (2020)
Headquarters: Rossdorf near Frankfurt/M., Germany
International locations: Austria, Benelux, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, U.A.E.

About EnviroFALK

EnviroFALK GmbH specializes in process water treatment for various industries. EnviroFALK’s water treatment plants can be used to filter, demineralize, desalinate, soften, degas and disinfect water using technologies such as filtration, ion exchange with regeneration, and membrane technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and electrodeionization. EnviroFALK has its own in‐house plant engineering, high‐quality piping and switch cabinet construction capabilities.

Founded: 1989
Team: 200 (2020)
Headquarters: Westerburg, Germany
National service locations: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Oberndorf, Bielefeld, Cologne, Pforzheim
International locations: Sales and service locations in Switzerland and via international locations of EnviroChemie Group and SKion Water

About Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung

Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung GmbH, based in Hückeswagen, generated revenues of almost 10 million Euros in 2019 and currently employs 70 people. Letzner primarily serves the pharmaceutical industry and supplies pretreatment systems, reverse osmosis plants with EDI and multi‐stage distillation plants, which are custom‐made and adapted to the spatial conditions on site. In addition, Letzner provides CIP/SIP systems as well as storage and distribution systems.

Founded: 1990
Employees: 70 (2020)
Headquarters: Hückeswagen, Germany
Sales and service locations: Bremen, Gera and Stuttgart
International sales and service locations in Switzerland and via locations of EnviroChemie Group and SKion Water

About SKion Water

SKion Water GmbH – through its operational subsidiaries Ovivo, EnviroChemie, ELIQUO WATER GROUP, Ecopreneur, ADASA, Matten – is a technology and solution provider, as well as a plant manufacturer, in both municipal and industrial water and wastewater technology. In addition, it invests in innovative water technology companies if the respective technology is a fit with its existing portfolio. SKion Water is a subsidiary of German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten’s investment holding SKion GmbH.

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